Capital: Paris
Currency: Euro (€)

France, with a population of 60.9 million, the largest country in Europe, is bordered to the north by the English Channel (La Manche), the northeast by Belgium and Luxembourg, the east by Germany, Switzerland and Italy, the south by the Mediterranean (with Monaco as a coastal enclave between Nice and the Italian frontier), the southwest by Spain and Andorra, and the west by the Atlantic Ocean. The island of Corsica, southeast of Nice, is made up of two départements. The country offers a spectacular variety of scenery, from the mountain ranges of the Alps and Pyrenees to the attractive river valleys of the Loire, Rhône and Dordogne and the flatter countryside in Normandy and on the Atlantic coast.

The country has some 2,900km (1,800 miles) of coastline and has a land area of 545,630 sq km (339,054 sq miles). The official language is French.

Religion: Approximately 83% Roman Catholic; Protestant 2%; Muslim 5%; Jewish 1%; unaffiliated 9%.

Time: GMT + 1 (GMT + 2 from last Sunday in March to last Sunday in October).

Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz. Two-pin plugs are widely used.

About Us

The Team Relocations Group (Team) is an independent company specialising in delivering integrated moving, relocation and other specialised services primarily within the corporate market. For over 40 years, the Group’s specialist brands have been delivering these services on a global, national and regional basis to many of the world’s leading multinational organisations and government agencies.  The companies forming Team in France today include Desbordes and Transeuro.

In 2007, Team further expanded its global operations by the acquisition of several of SIRVA’s European moving operations, including Arthur Pierre (est 1898)  in France, creating the moving division TEAM Allied, which has become an integral member of Allied’s global network.

We place a high importance on quality, ensuring that the comprehensive range of mobility services we deliver are of the highest standard. Above all, our service quality is a product of highly-trained and motivated staff, managing expectations throughout the process, supported by leading-edge technology. 


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